Erin's Insights

Reading cards since the age of 12, I discovered somewhat accidentally that I’m really good at it. No one was more surprised than me! Over the years, I have honed my intuitive and interpretive skills and while I do not predict lottery numbers or wedding dates, I do seem to have that uncanny accuracy that amuses and astonishes my clients. 


Professionally, I have had the pleasure of reading for the Seahawks, Facebook corporate, Microsoft, Nordstrom, Gearbox Publishing/Borderlands, and many large and small private events. Before Covid, I was part of the Hotel Sorrento’s Curiosities for the month of October and sold out tickets for every session. 

Introducing the cards...





Developed in the 1800's by Napoleon's personal psychic, Madame LeNormand, these cards are clear, simple and direct. Overwhelmingly positive, this deck is a favorite at parties.


Of mysterious origins in Italy around the 14th century, the tarot was the precursor to the modern deck of the cards we use to play poker with today. The tarot is excellent for deep analysis and reflection.


Featuring angels, fairies, cats, trees, or other mythological and archetypal figures, oracle cards come in many different flavors and styles. Each deck offers a different slant on the insight it provides.

Animal Medicine

Based on the First Nations philosophy of gaining wisdom and insight from the characterisics and attributes of animals, these cards are a wonderful way of discovering more of ourselves through the eyes of animals.